Silver Plume International Online

CONSIGNMENTS  we are happy to on sell your treasures  70/30% to you

Silver Plume Gift Wrapping– Mat silver boxes with a deep turquoise ribbon.

Christmas  we add beautiful deep red silk cherries, looks great!

Gift Vouchers – just ask

Terms and Conditions of LAY BUYS
We are happy to offer clients the lay-by facility, thus allowing you to attain items for your collection. But please note, our lay-by terms are strict. This policy affords us the ability to keep offering you the best inventory at fair prices.
Up to $1,000.00 -40% deposit- 6 weeks to finalize
Up to $2,000 40% deposit and 8 weeks to finalize
Up to $5,000.00 -40% deposit -3 months to finalize
Everything else has to be negotiated

All lay-buys must receive a payment monthly
Cancelled Lay buys – incur a 30% loss of moneys paid
If your lay buy does not receive payments as agreed the lay buy can be cancelled
and stock returned to floor.

With any purchase paid in full (excluding laybuys) that does not meet your expectations  we will refund in full, but only with immediate returns -Note the following strict conditions apply.
A – Your purchase automatically agrees to the following terms
B – please return your package with tracking, after notify us your receipt and intent to return.
C – Australia- Next day return required- with tracking – sms 04129 272 865 or email me the tracking number.
D – USA -next day post with tracking -email   or sms 011 61 0419 272 865 me the tracking number.
D- Returns must be immediate – and in the same condition- otherwise we will not refund.
E- Full refund after any postage fees.

If you have time – be included in any gallery postage between USA & AU -usually at the end of the month to avoid O/Seas postage fees. Call me for details.
We charge the standard Pack & Track rate $44.00 USA to AU
Overnight postage & handling within USA $35.00
Note-Tad travels a lot so there may be a day or two delay.

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