Sarah Leekya

SARAH LEEKYA ( 1930-2017)

Zuni jewellery designer Sarah Leekya is the daughter of the great Zuni master Leekya Deyuse who was one of the first fetish carvers to gain international recognition and was hired to work on the excavation of Hawikuh Pueblo back in the 1920s where he became familiar with the works of his ancestors first hand.

Sarah began her career as a little girl helping her father polish his fetishes.    Early in her working life as a jeweler she made channel inlay earrings right up to the mid 1970s, but with a constant demand for her fetish carvings she changed her direction.  Sarah was a master carver in her own right and was still carving up to her recent passing.


We at Silver Plume Gallery feel privileged in being able to offer you some of Sarah’s necklaces and fetish carvings.

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