Pueblo Cross Necklace

Native American Double Bar Cross and Heart of The Dragon Fly Jewelry

The stunning Pueblo cross necklace is also known as the Isleta cross necklace and the Heart of the dragon fly. Timeless and beautiful, the jewelry is a Pueblo design which is associated with the Isleta Pueblo in New Mexico.

A brief history of Isleta

The Isleta Pueblo is located in central New Mexico, on the east bank of the Rio Grande south of Albuquerque. From about 1621 until the Pueblo revolt in 1680 it was the seat of the Franciscan mission of San Antonio de Isleta. In 1681 the Spaniards captured the Pueblo. Then in the late 1700s it became the mission of San Agustín de Isleta and the Isleta people returned to Pueblo, many with Hopi spouses.

The tradition of the Pueblo Cross Necklace

Pueblo cross necklaces were mostly produced as gifts to brides before their marriage. The women would sell their earrings and cuffs if they had to, however they couldn’t part with their necklaces. This made the necklace a rare and collectible item. Being hand-made, each Isleta cross necklace is unique, with variations amongst each of the crosses and beads, often glass trade bead mix.

The Pueblo Double-Bar Cross Necklace design

The design of the double-bar cross necklace is said to have originated from the Moors and the Spaniards. The Pueblo Indians adopted the double bar cross as their own religious symbol, as to them it represented the dragonfly. A cross with two crossbars can be seen to have the appearance of a dragonfly hovering in the air with outstretched wings. Light striking the silver is reflective and shiny, much like the sheen of a dragonfly’s wings. It is the heart at the bottom of the double bar cross that is known as the heart of the dragon fly.

The dragonfly was believed to be a healing and transformational creature. It was a symbol of spirituality and creativity that eliminated all negativity. It was known as the keeper of dreams – the energy within that saw all true ability and potential. With the dragonfly anything was possible.

This style of cross was adopted by the Pueblo people mainly because of their symbolic beliefs, rather than the Christian religion. There was a principal belief in native over imported religions. Merging the two beliefs into the Pueblo cross necklace was a way of accepting both religions.

Original Pueblo Cross Necklace for Sale at Silver Plume

This Isleta cross necklace was owned and worn by Teal McKibben, a renowned and respected trader in Santa Fe. Teal was often seen wearing this necklace whilst she ran her Santa Fe gallery. It speaks volumes that a lady who had her choice of the finest collector’s items decided to keep this Heart of the dragon fly necklace for her personal collection and her own adornment.

The Pueblo cross necklace is timeless and historic. A true work of art, it is a valuable collector’s item and a must have unique and beautiful jewelry piece.

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