Dexter Cellicion Inlaid Knife Wing Earrings

We have attributed these to DEXTER CELLICION Inlaid Knife Wing Earrings.  Why? because of the shapes cut into the helmet.  A colleague kindly did some research and compared these to earrings to pairs from the Toshio Sei’s Collection, that were taken to Zuni and the creator confirmed. They have the same wings and the hat is cut exactly the same .

Circa 1940’s
Length 1 5/8″ (4.2cm)
Width at widest point 7/8″ (2.3cm)
Weight of each earring 4.35 grams
Materials – Red Red Coral, Turquoise, Jet, silver and a local white stone.

$ 650.00 (USD)

In stock

IAJ-3742. In stock . / .

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