Santo Domingo Tab Necklace


This a very soft necklace, perfect when worn with white linen, silver stacked with mellow greens.

Buying TIP– After WW2 power arrived to the Pueblos- When the holes are neat and consistent in stones or heishi, this indicates the piece was worked during the very late 1940’s – but mostly 1950’s onwards.  If it is an earlier necklace the holes will be uneven inverted cones, no two holes will be the same, so always check.

CIJ-Santo Domingo Tab NL
Santo Domingo
Circa late 1940-50’s
Length -hangs 14″ (36cm) from the back of the neck to base
Materials-Soft Green turquoise & Clam Shell heishi

$ 900.00 $ 795.00 (USD)

In stock

CIJ-santo domingo Tab NL. In stock . / .

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