Mark Tahbo Pahlik Mana and Saliko Mana Tile

The images captured by Mark Tahbo of the Pahlik Mana and Saliko Mana Tile are fabulous.  Even though the slip has cracked during the firing process, it is still an important tile.

MARK TAHBO (1958-2007)
Tobacco Clan
Circa 2007-2009
Material- Local clay from the Hopi Reservation
Natural pigments from the Hopi Reservation and black vegetable dye.
The tile is not broken; only the slip cracked during the firing process
(slip is a liquid clay used for decoration)
Hallmarked with his painted tobacco pipe signature on the reverse side

$495.00 plus shipping

Mark Tahbo Pahlik Mana and Saliko Mana Tile. In stock / . .

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