Attributable- Lee Edaakie Carved Turquoise Leaf

This Attributable- Lee Edaakie Carved Turquoise Leaf necklace is  extraordinary!  The colour of the turquoise is soft green, in the turquoise colour spectrum.  There is a picture in the CG Wallace book with the same silver work securing another turquoise object by Lee Edaakie, hence our attribution.  Lee and his brother worked for CGWallace between 1930-40’s.  Many artisans working for CGW Trading Post collaborated with other artists.

Circa 1930-40’s
Height of the turquoise leaf 3″ (7.6cm)
Width of the leaf at widest point 2 5/8″ (6.7cm)
Weight of the leaf 86 grams
Length of beads 19 1/2″ (49.5cm)
Diameter of largest hand stamped beads 3/4″ (2cm)
Diameter of smallest hand stamped beads 3/8″  (1cm)
Materials- silver & turquoise
Provenance – Estate – Fort Collins
Model is 5.5 feet
Photo is out of focus but you get the idea of dimensions – I will try for another TBC
Condition- there is a small chip on one side, but barely noticeable.

$ 6,000.00 (USD)

In stock

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