US Zuni 1 – Blue Gem Cuff


FOR THE COLLECTOR! The Indian Arts & Crafts Board mark was the first organized attempt to introduce an official stamp US ZUNI/NAVAJO on handmade Indian silver, a guarantee of authentic Native American jewellery that was made to the highest standards. To receive the mark, the jewelry piece had to be at least 900 parts silver & decorated using “only hand tools“.

This particular hallmark US Zuni 1 was registered to CG Wallace.  He was apparently a bit miffed at not attaining the USNavajo 1 hallmark,  his ex employers Ilfeldt Trading Company Gallup got there first.  Happily CG Wallace did manage to get US Zuni  1 registered to his name.  “We see the US Navajo cuffs but not the US Zuni and not in this condition, so this cuff is very very collectable!”

Circa 1935-1942
Width at center 1 2/8″ (3.1cm)
With at terminals 1/2″ (1.2cm)
Opening 1″ (2.5cm)
Inside terminal to terminal 6″ (15.1cm)
Ingot silver & Blue Gem Turquoise
Hallmarked -US Zuni 1-Registered to CG Wallace
Weight – 48 grams

$ 3,490.00 (USD)

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