Small Fit Navajo Silver Bracelets


These three Small Fit Navajo Silver Bracelets have all been hand stamped.  The little flat bracelet early and very organic. Note -Finding these small fitting Navajo Bracelets is increasingly harder as time goes on, so if you have small wrists these would be good to add to your stack.
They are the pretty much the same size, if you purchase all three I will offer you a 10% discount -just INQUIRE or if you want one just INQUIRE.

Left IAJ-3083
Navajo Circa 1930/40’s
Inside measurement terminal to terminal 5″ (12.7cm)
Opening 1 1/8″ (2.9cm)
Weight 12 grams
Middle IAJ-2444
Navajo Circa 1940’s
Inside measurement terminal to terminal 5″ (12.7cm)
Opening 1 ” (2.5cm)
Weight 12.8 grams
Right IAJ-3216
Navajo Circa 20-30
Inside measurement terminal to terminal 5 1/8″ (
Opening 1 ” (2.5cm)
Weight 4.20 grams

$ 145.00 (USD)

IAJ-3083/2444/3216. SOLD / . / / .

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