Second Phase Navajo Concho Belt

This World Class Belt  is second to none!
Originally fashioned from the Spanish horse bridles. The Navajo first phase “open center belts”were first seen as early as the 1870’s and the second phase “closed center first phase” belts have been dated as early as the late 1880’s. The earliest first phase belts had simple stamping around the edges, and were made from Spanish ingot coin. By the late 1880’s the second phase belts were starting to be made, also made with Spanish ingot coin silver. The stamping had become more elaborate, cast buckles were starting to appear, as was the application of turquoise stones by the silversmiths.

Circa 1900’s
Concho length x 7  each  4″ (10cm)
Concho height
Buckle length 4 1/8″(10.5cm)
Buckle Height 3 1/4″ (8.3cm)

Exhibited at the Albuquerque Museum
June 2nd through to  October 13- 2018


IAJ-817. In stock . / .

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