Santo Domingo Crushed Turquoise Pin

This unusual pin from Santo Domingo is extraordinary unusual.  The silver work is top workmanship.  The inlaid design of polished jet and white stone is superb.  The crushed / or rather “small chunks” of turquoise is a mix of blue and green set in pine pitch.  When you run your thumb over the surface you can feel the texture.  On the back side of the pin there is a black backing,  this is not jet? I think it is an old record, however it is not polished and it a mat surface?

Santo Domingo
Circa 1940’s
Height 3 5/8″ (9.2cm)
Width at widest point 2 6/8″ (7cm)
Weight 43.44 grams
Materials- Silver, Crushed Turquoise, Jet, white stone and I think it is vinyl record backing.

$ 1,670.81 (AUD)

In stock

IAJ-3598. In stock . .

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