Navajo Ingot Silver Beads

This strand of Navajo ingot beads is very beautiful.  Saucer style beads were  first seen in the early 1930’s and this strand was created during this time frame.  Indicators are the uneven nature of each bead, the wear, silver spatter marks -holes are punched from the inside out.  The tools used for these beads were all hand made and Tad & Robert Bauver don’t think they used bead dies…
A strand of classic long Navajo beads like these will transform everyday outfits to  eye-catching elegance and style!.

Circa early 1930’s
Total length 29″ (73.6cm)
Diameter of beads 1/2″ (1.3cm)
Weight 140 grams
Materials- Ingot silver

$ 4,025.45 (AUD)

In stock

IAJ-3401. In stock . .

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