LEO POBLANO Inlaid Rangers Belt Buckle

Attributable LEO POBLANO
Circa early 1940’s
Length of buckle 2″ (5cm)
Height of buckle at widest point 2″ (5cm)
Height 1 1/8″ (2.9cm) and width 1″ (2.5cm) of inlaid belt slide
Length of inlaid belt tip  1 2/8″
Materials-Jet, Turquoise, Mother of pearl,  Silver and Spiny Oyster shell
Length of leather belt fits 36 ” ( 91.5cm)  easily a new leather belt will be required to change the overall fit.

This Leo Poblano Inlaid Rangers Belt Buckle is highly attributable.  Why?
A-The inlay work is perfection, only a few master stone cutters could achieve this level of stone to stone inlay!
B- the dots and circular cuts lead us to think this was indeed crafted by Poblano as this was his signature work during this era.  The work is unsigned as was common at this time.
C-The stamp work on the silver is also another point of attribution as we have seen this exact stamp and layout used on some of his pins. Safe to say this is indeed a LEO POBLANO ranger set!

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