Inlaid Blue Gem Turquoise Necklace


Whom ever made this Inlaid Blue Gem Turquoise Necklace certainly had expert skills. ¬† Note the exacting cuts of top grade Blue Gem Turquoise within the silver channels. ¬†This necklace is unsigned and has a hand made silver chain the we consign this greet necklace to early late 1940 or very early 1950’s.

Zuni 1940-50’s
Height of central pendant 1 2/8″ (3.2cm)
Width of central pendant at widest point 1 2/8″ (3.2cm)
Length of each side inlaid plates 2 2/8″ (5.7cm)
Hand made chain either side 7″ (17.9cm)
Full length of necklace end to end 19″ (48cm)
Materials – Top grade Blue Gem Turquoise and silver
Weight -31.41 grams
Technique – Expert stone cutting and Channel Inlay

$ 990.00 (USD)

IAJ-3681. SOLD . / .

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