Etsitty Tsosie Copper Butterfly Pins


Arguably one of the most famous early Navajo silversmiths-this  Etsitty Tsosie Copper Butterfly Pin is extremely collectable.  These pins represent a great opportunity to add a Tsosie pin to your collection.

ETSITTY TSOSIE (1880-1937)
Circa 1930’s
Large Butterfly
Height 2 1/8″ (5.4cm)
Width 1 5/8″ (4.1cm)
Small Butterfly
Height 1 1/4″  (3.2cm)
Width 1″ (2.5cm)
Materials -Copper
Illustrated-Reassessing Hallmarks of the Southwest
by Pat and Kim Messier

$ 990.00 (USD)

IAJ3763. SOLD . .

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