Dan Simplicio Bird Fetish Ring

This Dan Simplicio Bird Fetish Ring ring is fantastic! There is a lot of wear on the stamped leaves.  It is like someone has constantly rubbed this area, so much so, one can only see faint vestiges of Simplico’s iconic leaf stamp. but they are there. The three  natural nuggets form a classic Zuni bird fetish.  Quite something special.

Zuni 1930’s
Length 1 3/8″ (3.5cm)
Width at widest point 3/4″ (2cm)
Weight 16.27 grams
Size 8 -Q
Materials- Natural formed nuggets
Colour- slightly towards the green side of the turquoise spectrum

$ 1,550.00 (USD)

In stock

IAJ-3606. In stock . .

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