c. 1890’s Navajo SquashBlossom Necklace


Over the years the beads have rubbed against the bales creating soft cones that mimic the beads, Devine! everything about this necklace screams collectability!!!! Obviously it was made for a petite lady, so if you have been looking for a smaller-very early Squash Blossom necklace to wear or add to your collection,  then this is it.

Circa 1890’s
Height of the naja including stamped bale 2 5/8″ (6.6cm)
Width of the naja at the  widest point 1 7/8″ (4.8cm)
Length of the 18 blossoms excluding the bale  3/4″ (2cm)
Diameter of beads just over 2/8″ (.7cm)
Length of the squaw wrap 5 2/8″ (13.3cm)
Length of beads 23″ (58.5cm)- FYI0-in last photo the model is 5 ft8″
Drop length from back of the neck to base of the naja 15 1/2″ (39.4cm)
Condition-one petal on a blossom is missing
Materials- Pump drill turquoise &  ingot silver
One photo is taken with a standard sized ring, this shows you the over-all dimensions.


CIJ-M. In stock . / .

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