McKee Platero

The jewelry artist and designer McKee Platero is a young Navajo silversmith and is said to be one of the best in his field and also one of the most imaginative as well as technically proficient silversmiths working today.

Mixing ancient traditions with contemporary jewellery making McKee Platero is one of a growing group of new school jewellery artists mixing old school Navajo art forms with contemporary jewelry designs.

Silver and Turquoise Jewellery Sydney

With his choice of materials being iron, red brass, ingot silver, turquoise, gold and set stones, he is able to design contemporary style jewelry pieces that still keep their visible links to the designs of his Navajo culture echoing spirituality and the Native American Indian physical environment.
McKee Platero has gained worldwide fame from The Americas to Australia for his amazing designs and brilliant mastery of how he is able to work silver into such incredible works of wearable art.
With years of experience in collecting Native American art and jewellery you will be sure to find a significant collection of McKee Platero Jewellery in silver and turquoise at our Silver Plume Art Gallery in the Double Bay area of Sydney.