Frank Vacit – Vintage Inlay Artist

Considered a legend by some and a master by all, Frank Vacit was born in the USA in1915 and is recognized as one of the most talented Zuni Jewellers of his era with a career spanning over 60 years until his death in 1999. He began working as an inlay artist in 1932, basing his designs on traditional Zuni pottery.

Frank Vacit pioneered many Zuni Inlay techniques as well as introducing the method of creating pieces with mosaic inlay working through the 1950s and becoming a master of his craft. Vacit was one of the very few artists amongst his silversmith contemporaries to use a hallmark his logo being a very distinctive ‘Fleur de Lys’.

The Frank Vacit jewellery he created have become some of the most valued pieces by silversmiths of his time due to the precision and beauty found in each piece, examples of which can be seen in on our website or at our Silver Plume Gallery in the Double Bay area of Sydney.

Frank Vacit Inlay Artist Jewellery